• Price: $12,000
    Prometheus - by Armando S. Lara

    Acrylic canvas titled "Prometheus " 1984 by Armando S. Lara, Honduran painter.
    Measures 76" high x 55" wide.
    Armando Lara was born in la Lima, in the north coast of Honduras in 1959. He demonstrated his artistic vocations since he was very young. Since he was a student in school, he enjoyed drawing very much and demonstrated his inclination to surrealism.

  • Price: $2,200
    Hand Carved Marble Statue

    Life Size Hand Carved Marble Statue, This is a very nice and elegant design. Great detail in the face and dress of the lady. This is a large statue, almost life size. Price include the pedestal.

  • Price: $1,800
    Tibetan  Thangka Painted Scroll

    A Tibetan Thangka is a painting of a sacred image or deity on cloth (usually cotton canvas or silk). The delicate, detailed imagery is hung in meditation centers, personal ritual spaces, and even yoga classrooms - anywhere we would like to remind ourselves of the Divine. These richly colored paintings are intended to bring the essence of Spirit into our homes and sacred spaces.
    Measures: Frame is 46 1/2" x 33 1/4", sight is 32 1/2" x 29"

  • Price: $5,900
    Marc Sijan Realistic Woman Sculpture

    Hiper realist sculpture by Milwaukee talented artist Marc Sijan,
    Measures: 69" high, base is 11" x 11"

  • Price: $3,800
    Alexander Gore Oil on Canvas Painting

    Original oil on canvas painting, by acclaimed Russian artist Alexander Gore. Work is hand signed by artist. The painting includes a custom frame. The painting with frame measures 58" high ×50" wide.
    Sight is 47" x 39.

  • Price: $350
    Hand Sculpture Vitarka Mudra Gesture

    Wood base and resin hand sculpture with the vitarka mudra gesture. This mudra, or gesture, symbolizes wisdom and teaching. The gesture is formed when the thumb touches the forefinger to create a circle, which represents perfection.
    Measures: 22 1/2" high x 12" deep x 11" wide.

  • Price: $8,000
    Original David Schofiel Drawing

    Original David Schofield Drawing, signed lower left; frame measures are 30 1/2' x 42 1/4", sight measures are 23" x 35".
    His drawings are highly detailed, distinctly original and immediately fascinating, see closely for their intense and elaborate intricacy. Each drawing can take several hundred hours to complete.

  • Price: $3,800
    Don shearer painting

    Original Don Shearer painting, signed lower right, COA included. Measures: 71 1/2" x 36 1/2"

    One of the original 20 artists who created Miami’s South Beach art scene. Don went on to be an aesthetic force in Wynwood and Miami’s Design District in1982 before he moved 2 NYC in 1995. Don returned to his South Florida roots just as the entire city became The Art Basel Capital that it is now.

  • Price: $1,200

    Offered to you is original artwork by Natalia and Alexander Gore, Natural pigments and raffia on Belgium linen

  • Price: $28,000
    David Schofield Drawing

    Original David Schofield Drawing.

  • Price: $8,500
    David Schofield  Drawing -Entrance to Angkor Tomb

    Large Drawing by Key West artist, David Schofield, Titled "Entrance to Angkor Thom" -Cambodia, Copy Number ONE, First edition, signed.
    Sight: 59" high x 35 1/2" wide
    Frame: 67" high x 43" wide

  • Price: $7,300
    Horacio Kleinman Bronze Sculpture

    In Horacio Kleinman's sculpture, the perpetual motion leads to a concentration in itself, shuts down visuality to external references and eliminates, in several ways, the idea of dimension. What is the real size of these sculptures? Evidently, their size is defined by their material bulk. This is the primary rule of the earthen world of tridimensional forms.

  • Price: $350
    Ian M. Ball Sculpture

    A modern sculpture purchased from the estate in Florida.

  • R. haspil painting

    Colorful painting by Haitian artist Raul Haspil, depicting a group of women picking up different types of fruits. Signed lower right "R.Haspil"

  • Peruvian Painting by Carlos Palma Tapias

    A Cubist influenced painting, with a scene of three girls in green dresses one holding a basket of flowers named " Las Floristas " ( The Florists )-By listed Peruvian Artist Carlos Palma Tapia, the paining is signed lower right.

  • Price: $9,500
    Fine Art Floral Color Photography titled -Brothers a Sisters

    This an amazing piece of Fine Art Floral Color Photography titled -Brothers a Sisters- by Albert Delamour, its a very nice detailed photography of daisies on acrylic.
    The measures are: 139 1/2" inches wide by 48" height
    The picture is signed in the back - "brothers a sisters" 2002 tirage unique Albert Delamour-

  • Price: $3,500
    Cameroon Bamilike Tribal Beadect man

    African Figure from Bamilike tribe.
    Estimated Age: Early 20th Century
    Condition: Very Good
    Measures: 38" inches height

  • Price: $950
    19th C.Grand Tour Oil on Canvas after Saul and the Witch of Endor in the Lourve

    This large oil on canvas is a 19th century Grand Tour copy of the Italian c.1668 old master "Saul and the Witch of Endor" found in the Louvre Museum. This work is well executed and painted with great detail but shows much age wear. The canvas is displayed in a carved wood frame.

  • Price: $1,900

    PREFETE DUFFAUT painting. The artist born in jacmel on January 1st, 1923, Prefete was an unhappy child who took to draw at an early age. He joined the Centre D'Art in 1948 giving up assisting his sailboat-building father. Renowned for his mountainous landscapes with serpentine roads, Prefete Duffaut is often called a "primitive" painter; others refer to him as "naive".

  • Price: $950

    Vintage Acrylic Painting by Ozz Franca This vintage acrylic painting of four women musicians, along with some decoupaged sheet music, is done by renowned Brazilian artist Ozz Franca (1928-1991). The painting is an acrylic on Canvas, and measures 48" by 36". The painting does have a couple of areas of damage, please refer to photos. Overall the painting is in very good condition.

  • Price: $14,900
    Joseph Wilfrid Daleus  painting

    Vintage oil on canvas painting by Haitian artist Joseph Wilfrid Daleus ( 1949). Daleus is a versatile artist working in a variety of styles, including surrealism, primitivism, and realism. He has exhibited widely around the world, and his works were shown in museums such as the Brooklyn Museum, NY, the Topen Museum of Art in Amsterdam, the Musee du College St Pierre in Port-au-Prince, and the Cornell Museum in Florida.

  • Price: $115
     Miami Beach Republican Convention Poster

    This vintage sign was produced in two colors. It is 26" high x 20" wide and it is three-dimensional.

  • Price: $190
    Modern J Damarais Etching

    Demarais was born in 1927 in Hoboken, NJ Vintage Mid-Century J Demarais Original Intaglio relief etching by J Damarais Limited Edition 62/100 Framed and Matted On hand-made paper .
    Measures(inches) 13 3/4 x 13 1/2
    Dimensions: W: 2" X H: 13" X L: 14"

  • Price: $2,400
    Surrealist Cat

    This is a very unique painting using the impasto effect. It features a cat on a tree branch with the moon in the background along with other creatures in the painting as well. A colorfull and fantastic whimsical addition.

    Dimensions: H: 42" L: 44"

  • Price: $175
    Francisco Fernandez Painting

    Titled 'Violin Humano'

    Please message us for shipping information and more details.

  •  Cuban Artist Fernando Trujillo


  • Larue Storm Hard Edge Mid Century Modern Painting

    This is very graphic hard edge painting by the artist Larue Storm. Contact us for price

  •  Modern Abstract Painting signed Alex

    This is a light and lively abstract modern impressionist painting signed Alex '93.

  • Price: $19,000
    Large Agate and Lead Wall Sculpture in the Style of Gaudi

    This large antique lead and agate stone sculpture was purchased in Paris but is originally from Barcelona, Spain. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally as shown here. We do not know who the artist is but from the location, period and style, it is definitely from the school of Antoni Gaudi. A very special piece of art

  • Emanuel Schary Lithograph Picture

    We have several lithographs by Emanuel Schary, they are all in excellent condition. Please check out our store to see many others. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.

  • Painting with Gold of Women Figure

    Edna Hibel was educated at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, from 1935-1939. In 1942, she was honored with the Sturtevant Traveling Fellowship to Mexico. With both lithographs on paper and on other materials, she often segments her editions of lithographs by colors, papers or the use of gold. She organized the Edna Hibel Museum of Art, in Jupiter Florida to display and promote her art. Edna Hibel passed away in December 2014 at the age of 98.

  • Price: $950
    Charles E Humes Painting -Innercity

    painting is by Charles E. Humes Jr, its in great condition and has no watermarks. Year: 1991

  • Bela Kron Hungarian Artist Orginal Etching of Venezia

    Bela Kron (Hungary, 1884-1965). An early twentieth century Hungarian painter and etcher, Bela Kron studied art techniques at the Budapest Academy. During the First World War (1914-1918) Kron served with the military in Macedonia. After the end of the war, Kron spent a great deal of time in Italy. Views of Florence, Venice, and Rome are known to be created by him during the 1920's.

    Etching on paper, framed (with glass). Pencil signed by the artist on the lower right edge.

  • Emanuel Schary Black & White Signed Lithograph

    We have several lithographs by Emanuel Schary, they are all in excellent condition. Please check out our store to see many others. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us. The Artwork of Emanuel Schary Emanuel Schary, renowned for his ability to capture people in revealingly human and touching moments, make his works prized for their simple beauty, tenderness and charm.

  • Price: $150
     Emanuel Schary

    We have several lithographs by Emanuel Schary, they are all in excellent condition. Please check out our store to see many others. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.

  • Price: $15,000
     Gustav Bohland Mixed Metals in an Old Miami

    This is a very large wood and mixed metals wall sculpture by Gusatv Bohlan (1897 -1959) done in an old Miami style or tropical motif.

  • Alejandro Galindo Painting

    This is a very unique and whimsical piece by artist Alejandro Gallindo.

    Dimensions: H: 29" L: 26"

  • Price: $19,500
    Edouard Duval-Carrié

    This is a huge huge painting with applied matieral by the renowned artist Edouard Duval-Carrié. Duval-Carrié's art reflects the culture and history of Haiti with references to the Voudo religion as seen in this work. Born in Haiti in 1954, Duval-Carrié's family moved to Puerto Rico and later the artist relocated in Miami's Haitian community. He has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.

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