• Price: $15,000
     Gustav Bohland Mixed Metals in an Old Miami

    This is a very large wood and mixed metals wall sculpture by Gusatv Bohlan (1897 -1959) done in an old Miami style or tropical motif.

  • Alejandro Galindo Painting

    This is a very unique and whimsical piece by artist Alejandro Gallindo.

    Dimensions: H: 29" L: 26"

  • Price: $4,500
    Abstract Painting by WIliam Rabinovitch "Mermaid and Dolphin"

    This is a large original painting 60" High by 96" Wide by New York Artist and videographer William Rabinovitch. The artist's medium is oil and resin on canvas.

  • Price: $3,500
    Joseph Stabolito Abstract Painting

    This is a very large abstract painting by the listed artist Joseph Stabolito dated 1989. Best known for his style of symbolic illusions and graffitti, this canvas is from his earlier years and done in a pastel coloration. The size of this painting is 94" x 60"

  • Price: $18,000
    Edouard Duval-Carrié

    This is a huge huge painting with applied matieral by the renowned artist Edouard Duval-Carrié. Duval-Carrié's art reflects the culture and history of Haiti with references to the Voudo religion as seen in this work. Born in Haiti in 1954, Duval-Carrié's family moved to Puerto Rico and later the artist relocated in Miami's Haitian community. He has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.


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