Emil Frei Religious Stained Glass Vitral from St Louis Church

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Emil Frei Religious Stained Glass Vitral  from St Louis Church
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This is a large vitral by Emil Frei, this glass art piece was removed from Saint Louis church in Missouri , and now is available in our store.
On the bottom of the vitral you can read in German language "gestiftet von der - familie frank stein" in English " Sponsored by the -Family frankstein"
Please see additional photos for details.

The vitral is in excellent condition, measures are: 166 1/4" x 72 1/4"
Emil Frei, was and artist and visionaire born in Bavaria 1869, an enterprising and industrious Emil Frei realized his calling as an artist and enrolled in the Munich Academy of Art. Alarmed by the fascist direction that Germany was heading and the accompanying mandatory military service, he immigrated to New York where he would be free to practice his art. In 1895, he moved to San Francisco with his new bride, Emma, to work as a muralist.

Shortly thereafter, his wife fell to the homesickness that is part and parcel with living in a new land and speaking a foreign tongue. While strongly considering a move back to their homeland, Emil was invited to St. Louis to design the stained glass windows for St. Francis Xavier (College) Church, a monumental church then under construction. Like many Midwestern cities at the turn of the century, St. Louis boasted a large and vibrant German community where the traditions and native tongue were fiercely clung to. With Emma suddenly feeling at home, the decision was made to permanently settle in St. Louis.

Emil Sr. started his own stained glass company, Emil Frei Art Glass, in 1898 on South Broadway. In 1907, he moved the company to 3934 S. Grand where it would remain until 1971. Indicative of the simpler times, a large portion of the Studio on S. Grand was built by the Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony of Padua as payment for the windows for their church.