"The Face as a Figure 2" by Alexander Gore

This painting by Alexander Gore is titled "The Face as a Figure 2", painted with his own home made oil paints using only natural pigments and oils. The paper is also hand-made and locally sourced clay is added to the paper to create a unique texture, upon which the colors are applied. The frame dimensions are 20" x 28" and the painting is 13" x 21".
Alexander Gore was an artist in New York for over ten years before moving to South Florida. Having traveled extensively. Alexander's memories and influences infuse his artwork, as he feels compelled to commit them to the canvas. Having moved to South Florida, the climate and colors inspired and invigorated his current collection of works. Gores style of art reflects a powerful surrealistic influence and incorporates abstract and semi-abstract forms, weightless in space and time. Presenting an alternate view of reality, he uses black lines, curvy characters and intricate touches to create an atmosphere for the imagination to fill.According to Gore, " I try to convey the organic movement of color by using a strong line that hints at all the shapes to come.