Industrial Mid-Century Modern Aluminum Folding Desk

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Aluminum Folding desk
Price: $950
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This desk was originally a medical field desk for the US military. Desk is completely constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium and features a very novel folding design that allowed it to be easily transported. We hand-stripped the outside of the desk to showcase the raw aluminium, spot welds and finishing marks then gave the entire exterior a semi-polished patina. Although the desk was designed for purely utilitarian purposes, the form shows a surprising amount Mid-Century Modern influence with its recessed handles and angular legs. The original "medical green" paint was kept on the inside/sides of the drawers and offers a nice contrast with the aluminium when opened.
Measures: 29 1/2" high x 59" wide x 22 deep
Folded measures: 31" x 16 1/2" x 22"