• Price: $850

    Offered to you is this Baroque style mirror by Carvers' Guild wood carved acanthus leaves surround an inner border of laurel leaves and berries.

  • Price: $550

    Offered to you is this 18th century Chinese blue and white porcelain cherry blossom plum flowers covered urn and it measures 8ʺW × 8ʺD × 8ʺH

  • Price: $475

    Offered to you is this beautiful 19th century Ming dynasty bowl great collectors piece, it measures 10ʺW × 10ʺD × 4.5ʺH

  • Price: $2,800

    Wood Buddha life size statue
    Late 19th century
    70” high
    28” wide
    12 “ deep

  • Anthony redmile
    Heron sculpture
    1970’s England
    Silver plate bird with ostrich egg
    23 “ high
    12” deep
    10” wide

  • Price: $150

    Brass towel holder with dolphin hardware
    Used- normal wear and tear

  • Price: $1,800

    Wood carved sconce 19th century

    25” deep
    29” high
    10” wide hanging

    Beautiful carving
    -gold finish

  • Price: $450

    This Marlin mount has a real snoot,
    tail and fins
    Taxidermy body
    It’s 7ft long 21 “ wide
    Great for any house -Nautical decor-
    Used- Wear and tear- some spots, tiny cracks, breaks

  • Price: $3,450

    All bronze Urn planter
    Chinese decor
    Octagon in shape-
    31” at its widest
    31” tall

  • Price: $8,500

    Metal sculptureToby Heller was an American Postwar & Contemporary artist.Internationally renowned painter, sculptor and jewelry designer Thelma “Toby” Heller (1927-2017) took materials — like bronze, precious metals and semi-precious stones — and used her considerable talents to create works of art that are found all over the world in gallery exhibits, private collections, sculpture parks, and gardens.A book of Toby Heller’s art work, simply titled “Toby Heller,” said, “Whether placed in

  • Price: $2,500

    Life Size Grandma and Grandpa
    They are both meticulously hand-made.
    Arms and fingers are moveable.

  • Price: $45

    Chinese Luopan Compass in box
    Feng Shui
    4”x4”x 2-1/2”

  • Price: $650

    Diviner’s Bag from West Africa Yoruba
    Colored Beads sewn in cloth+
    beaded purse
    10”x 10”

  • Price: $1,200

    This is an amazing teak door from India+
    with steel hardware-
    Blue doors -teak and steel
    -has two parts -2 halves
    -52 inches wide overall
    1-Measures 28”
    2-Measures 25” (overlapping)
    Over 2 1/2” thick at its widest
    73” tall
    80” with pivot stick

    Pictured is the front first, then the back either
    side is neat!!

  • Price: $95

    U.S. Government Issue
    Stainless steel
    Utility Pocket Knives

    The “General purpose” was made to the specifications of the G.S.A. (General Services Administration) for issue to branches of the U.S. Military. These knives were produced by a variety of companies, first appearing about 1945.

    1. Imperial stainless USA 1961 $35
    2. Camillus 1973 $35
    3. USA 1980 $35

    $95 for all 3

  • Price: $450

    Painted Vintage Van Door-

  • Price: $125

    Five single blade pocket knifes
    1) Winchester USA
    2) Old-timer championship Schrade USA
    3) Whale -Deal
    4) Schrade Walden USA
    5) Fish Knife Colonial USA
    ALL 5 - $125

  • Price: $95

    5 Cub Scout Pocket Knives
    By Camillus
    All 5 $95

  • Price: $72

    3 Girl Scout Pocket Knives
    2-Utica- USA
    1-SS Boker
    All 3 $72

  • Price: $1,500
    Solid bronze corner hinges old

    H&D Mf’G CO.PAT JAN 16.1877
    Solid bronze hinges (pair)
    (Corner hinges)
    9” high x 7-1/2” to corner bend
    then 4” wide
    17 screw holes each-

  • Price: $1,400

    Antique English Zinc Urn
    24"W x 22"H x 14"D

  • Price: $1,100

    Bronze hunting dog with a rabbit has nice dark patina. The casting quality and attention to details is above reproach, the surface rich with unusually careful casting

  • Price: $850

    Small Bronze figure of a Whippet with a ball,on ovoid base etched with carpet pattern. The casting quality and attention to details is above reproach, the surface rich with unusual careful casting

  • 18th Century Chinese Ceramic Vase

    18th Century Chinese ceramic vase decorated wit a dragon.
    Measures: 20 1/2" high x 17" wide x 12" deep

  • Price: $3,500
    Antique Wood Carved Buddha Head

    Solid, one piece, and rustic antique wood carved Buddha head
    Measures: 31" high x 14" wide x 13" deep

  • Price: $2,500

    Pair of Decorative Wood Column Storage.
    Dimensions: 88 1/4" high x 19" base diameter.

  • Price: $1,500
    Late Ming 17th Century Bronze Buddha

    Late Ming 17th century Chinese Tibetan bronze Buddha.
    Please see photos in detail for actual condition.
    measures: 20" high x 17" wide x 12" deep

  • Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Chinese Imari Charger Plate

    Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Chinese Imari Charger Plate

  • Price: $950
    Chinese Hand Painted Blue Plate

    Decorative Antique Chinese Hand Painted Blue Plate.
    Measures: 15" Diameter

  • Price: $6,800
    Antique African Congo Mask Kuba Tribe

    This is an authentic antique African mask from the Congo. It is from the Kuba tribe and is made from leather and straw. It is decorated in maurie shells. Really quite a dramatic piece.
    measures: 40" high x 24 wide x 29" deep

  • Price: $1,900
    real sea shell

    Medium size real shell, a perfect piece for a centerpiece or maybe a striking piece for your decoration. We have a bigger piece as well.
    Measures: 11" high x 24 1/2" wide x 15" deep.

  • Price: $1,300

    Pair of antique bronze andirons featuring a woman face in front.
    Measures: 20 1/2" high x 13 1/2 "wide x 22" deep
    Price for the pair is $1,300 USD

  • Price: $2,500
    oversised shell

    Very rare for its dimensions, 32 " wide, oversize real shell, a perfect piece for a centerpiece or maybe a striking piece for your decoration.
    Dimensions: 9" height x 32" wide x 18 1/2" deep.

  • Price: $850
    kpm bowl

    Measures: 7 1/2 hight x 21" wide x 13" deep. marked underneath KPM.

  • Price: $1,600
    Tribal Mask from New Guinea

    Decorative tribal mask from new Guinea, measures 26" height x 10 wide.
    Not all Papua New Guinea Tribal Masks were made to be worn by people. Some masks were made to “decorate” sacred flutes, the front of canoes, the HausMan, as lucky amulets and even yams. Other masks were not made to wear directly on the head but were part of a larger assemblage.

  • Price: $450

    This is an impressive Brass mask, hand made and painted, depicting a men's head with big ears and two bugs, one bug coming down from his head, and other trying to get in to his mouth. Very nice unique piece of decoration.
    Measures: 30" H x 12" W

  • Price: $8,730
    First Edition Books Les Saints Evangiles

    Splendid gilt-tooled crushed full black morocco with gold lettering on spines. Raised bands. All edges gilt. Dentelles. Marbled endpapers. Engraved frontispiece in each volume. Ribbon marker. Title pages in red and black lettering. Decorative head-, tailpieces and initials. Text within double red ruled box.

  • Price: $8,500
    coral shells mirror

    This a heavy coral shell mirror, crated in a wood box and well packed.
    It is a mirror surrounded with a heavy line of white coral shells, this is really impressive at first sight.
    Overall measures are: 54" height x 84 wide
    Just the mirror measures are: 40" height x 70" wide

  • Price: $9,800
    bronze elevator doors

    We have 4 exquisite bronze elevator doors, great design with flowers and leaves as you can see in detail in additional photos.
    each door measures are 84" height x 24 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" deep
    price for EACH door is 9,800.00 US

  • Price: $25,000
    Emil Frei Religious Stained Glass Vitral  from St Louis Church

    This is a large vitral by Emil Frei, this glass art piece was removed from Saint Louis church in Missouri , and now is available in our store.
    On the bottom of the vitral you can read in German language "gestiftet von der - familie frank stein" in English " Sponsored by the -Family frankstein"
    Please see additional photos for details.

  • Price: $9,700
    Huge Carved Wooden Garuda

    An amazing carved wooden Garuda statue. In India and Southeast Asia the eagle symbolism is represented by Garuda, a large mythical bird with eagle-like features that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology as the vahana (vehicle) of the god Vishnu.

  • Price: $28,000
    Very Large Carlos Paez Vilaro Large Colorful Tapestry

    Carlos Paez Vilaro was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1923. He took up drawing in 1939 and relocated to Buenos Aires, where he worked as a printing apprentice in the industrial Barracas section of the Argentine capital. Carlos Paez Vilaro stems his inspiriation from an endless nourish life of adventures and challenges.

  • Price: $900
    Large Contemporary French Hand Blown Art Glass Vase

    This is a very striking modern hand blown glass vase. A very impressive addition in a contemporary setting

  • Price: $15,000
    Huge Asian Bronze Incense Burner

    This is a huge Asian bronze incense burner with a rich patina and a fabulous eagle atop. This is a piece of art for the serious collector.

  • Price: $48,000
    Volumes for Your Library

    We offer hundreds of quality leather-bound books in both sets and single editions. We have a large selection of velum books as well. We can either provide you with a single volume or completely fill your library with fine European volumes from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Plese contact regarding your specific needs.

  • Price: $8,500
    Amazing Huge Carved Wooden Garuda

    This is an amazing carved wooden Garuda statue. In India and Southeast Asia the eagle symbolism is represented by Garuda, a large mythical bird with eagle-like features that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology as the vahana (vehicle) of the god Vishnu.

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