Original David Schofield Drawing -Saltair Pavillion-

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Original David Schofiel Drawing
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Original David Schofield Drawing, inspired by Saltair pavillion, signed lower left; frame measures are 30 1/2' x 42 1/4", sight measures are 23" x 35".
The first Saltair was constructed in 1893, it was constructed for the express purpose of serving the resort. Saltair was not the first resort built on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, but was the most successful ever built. It was designed by well-known Utah architect Richard K.A. Kletting and rested on over 2,000 posts and pilings, many of which remain and are still visible over 110 years later.
His drawings are highly detailed, distinctly original and immediately fascinating, see closely for their intense and elaborate intricacy. Each drawing can take several hundred hours to complete.