20th Century Abstract by William Rabinovitch Titled -Mermaid and Dolphin-

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 Abstract by William Rabinovitch Titled -Mermaid and Dolphin-
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This is a monumental abstract oil and resin on canvas by New York city artist, filmmaker and classical music composer William Rabinovitch (1934-).
Rabinovitch was born in New London, Connecticut and began his studies at Worcester Polytechnic Institute becoming an engineer, and then a USAF jet pilot, and later a scientist working for Nobel Prize winner in astrophysics Ricardo Giaconni who discovered Quasars. Then he studied at Boston Museum School of the Fine Arts, and the San Francisco Art Institute where he earned an MFA degree. He was also a student of Tom Holland. .He settled in into painting in Monterey, California where he has exhibited large paintings at the Monterey Jazz Festival. The artist has exhibited in hundreds of art shows and has many first awards for his art and decade long cable show on the visual arts "ArtSeen". He is in the Collections of MoMA, The Whitney, etc.
The canvas is signed in the lower right and notated on verso. Titled "Mermaid and Dolphin".