• Price: $730
    Ian M. Ball Sculpture

    A modern sculpture purchased from the estate in Florida.

  • vince piccione

    Bronze Pianist Sculpture by Vince Piccione. The sculpture is signed " Vince Piccione 84". measures: 10" H x 21 W x 8/12 D.

  • Bronze Head of an Ife Queen Mother

    Bronze head of an Ife Queen Mother Benin (lost wax) technique with natural patina. In African art, the Ifé art is characterised by a nice balance of lines, a blatant realism, and with this serenity which seems to emanate from kings or queens.
    Dimensions 8.0ʺW × 8.0ʺD × 20.0ʺH
    Condition Excellent

  • Price: $3,500
    Cameroon Bamilike Tribal Beadect man

    African Figure from Bamilike tribe.
    Estimated Age: Early 20th Century
    Condition: Very Good
    Measures: 38" inches height

  • Price: $5,000
    Golden Buddha with Colored Mirror Inlay

    Gold gilded Buddha Statue with colorful mirror inlay. Stands 6 Feet Tall. (1.82 mt). Piece is in excellent condition.

  • Price: $12,000
    worth galleries antiques miami

    An incredible sculpture by Miami artist Eric Torriente. This was part of an exhibit called "The Outsiders" in 2011, curated by New York artist Kiki Valdes. The piece, entitled "Aphrodisian" is constructed of a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, wire, chicken wire, styrofoam, industrial foam and assorted epoxies and adhesives. The sculpture stands 8 ft. in Height and is 6 ft. across. A very abstract and expressive piece.

  • Price: $1,500
    antiques miami einstein budapest

    Vintage Metal Portrait of Einstein. Very interesting Wood framed Metal Art piece, featuring an open book and with an Einstein portrait on one side and elements of his equations on the other side. Vintage piece from the 1950's from Budapest. Dimensions are 39" Width x 23" Height.

  • Price: $19,000
    Large Agate and Lead Wall Sculpture in the Style of Gaudi

    This large antique lead and agate stone sculpture was purchased in Paris but is originally from Barcelona, Spain. It can be hung either vertically or horizontally as shown here. We do not know who the artist is but from the location, period and style, it is definitely from the school of Antoni Gaudi. A very special piece of art

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