• huge stained glass chandelier
    Beautiful and huge stained glass vintage chandelier. comes from a a Chicago theater. Measures: 11 feet height and 43" in diameter aprox/.
  • Gilded Iron and Crystal Ballroom Chandelier Lighting
    This chandelier a very large gilded iron ballroom fixture surrounded with many clusters of lights embellished large crystal spears. The central motif is a carved pineapple complete with sculpted metal foilage at the top. We have multiples of this chandelier available . Dimensions: W: 128" X H: 78" X
  • antiques miami
    Majestic hanging mirrored chandelier designed for Italamp by S. Mazza and A. La Spada. Different colored shades and crystal arms reflecting off the mirrored sections create a unique and bold impression.
  • chandelier antiques miami
    Mid Century Venini glass prism spiral chandelier. The chandelier has a length of 56" and the prisms are all solid glass pieces that hook onto a spiral brass frame.
  • Price: $7,500
    Venini Chandelier
    Large Venini Chandelier with hanging Murano glass cylinders. The Chandelier measures 26" Height and 36" Width and the glass cylinders are 16" long.
  • chandelier antiques miami
    Vintage Lucite Ribbon chandelier, in excellent condition. A beautiful 1970's style light which will make a stunning impression in your home. Height is 38" and Diameter at top is 14".
  • Antique Art Nouveau Chandelier
    This is a lovely elongated Art Nouveau chandelier with delicate piercing and long graceful crystals suspended from chains above and with graduating levels.
  • Nickel Bronze Art Deco
    An elegant and ornate nickel over bronze Art Deco theater light. The casting is lovely. The light is wired and working and uses standard bulbs. The finish has a light antique patina and has a lovely sheen. Its an antique that has been well taken care of and is in great condition. - Diameter: 24 - Depth: 23
  •  Light Pendant antiques miami
    This pendant light is very very cool. Perfect for modern or retro looks, this fixture offers 2 adjustable lights suspended from rods. The mechanical components are exposed and add to the industrial sheik look.
  • Price: $75,000
    Antique Bronze and Crystal Theater Chandelier Lighting
    This wonderful 14 foot tall antique theater chandelier was originally installed in Chicago. The materials are beautifully cast bronze acanthus leaf designs with the original polychrome coloration and accented with dramatically draped crystal. This very large antique chandelier would be an elegant addition to a commercial or large residential installation
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