• Price: $3,450

    All bronze Urn planter
    Chinese decor
    Octagon in shape-
    31” at its widest
    31” tall

  • Price: $975

    Could be used for a Planter
    Has a set up for a waterfall
    Ceramic glazed
    47” long
    30” 1/2” wide
    23” high

  • Price: $873

    Chinese Urn Planter
    Ceramic glazed
    -19” top opening
    32” overall wide
    3 feet high

  • Price: $8,500

    Toby Heller- Metal sculpture
    With aluminum swivel face
    8 feet tall
    18 x 18” plate
    3 feet at its widest

  • Price: $225

    Mahogany Hardwood - bust of a woman
    9” wide x 12” high x 4” thick
    Some minor checking lines from age on the back-

  • Price: $175

    African Ebony from Kenya
    hand carved statue
    woman sitting at table
    -all handcarved wood
    8 inches long
    8 inches high

  • Price: $250

    African- Bone carving statue

    14 inches long
    5 inches wide
    4 inches deep

  • Price: $125

    WW1 Trench Art- US military Brass Shell
    Engraved- 1914 Verdun ( Battle of Verdun France)
    13 1/2 inches long
    3 1/4 inches wide
    Wounded warriors would create these, known as “trench art”as they were recuperating...

  • Price: $350

    Vintage Betsey Johnson- Watch/Bracelet
    Brass set with 54 red synthetic ruby stones
    7” long
    2” wide

  • Price: $2,500

    Life Size Grandma and Grandpa
    They are both meticulously hand-made.
    Arms and fingers are moveable.

  • Price: $45

    Wood Box With Clay Animals
    (monkey on a frog -
    salamander on a turtle)
    6 1/2” x 5”x 3”

  • Price: $550

    African pipe made of Dogon wood-
    Gourd and bone with copper wire and rivets
    16” long
    8” tall

  • Price: $45

    Chinese Luopan Compass in box
    Feng Shui
    4”x4”x 2-1/2”

  • Price: $650

    Diviner’s Bag from West Africa Yoruba
    Colored Beads sewn in cloth+
    beaded purse
    10”x 10”

  • Price: $2,700

    Teak, brass, door
    Comes in 2 parts/halves
    44” over all
    22” each half
    90” tall
    94” overall with pivot stick
    -4” thick at its widest with the wood
    Shown in the Brass front- steel rivets-
    then the all wood back both equally as neat!

  • Price: $1,200

    This is an amazing teak door from India+
    with steel hardware-
    Blue doors -teak and steel
    -has two parts -2 halves
    -52 inches wide overall
    1-Measures 28”
    2-Measures 25” (overlapping)
    Over 2 1/2” thick at its widest
    73” tall
    80” with pivot stick

    Pictured is the front first, then the back either
    side is neat!!

  • Price: $95

    U.S. Government Issue
    Stainless steel
    Utility Pocket Knives

    The “General purpose” was made to the specifications of the G.S.A. (General Services Administration) for issue to branches of the U.S. Military. These knives were produced by a variety of companies, first appearing about 1945.

    1. Imperial stainless USA 1961 $35
    2. Camillus 1973 $35
    3. USA 1980 $35

    $95 for all 3

  • Price: $165

    Beautiful Beaded Vintage Kalaga Tapestry

  • Price: $1,200

    49” x 60”
    Ernesto Milanes Giant Frame

  • Price: $450

    Painted Vintage Van Door-

  • Price: $125

    Five single blade pocket knifes
    1) Winchester USA
    2) Old-timer championship Schrade USA
    3) Whale -Deal
    4) Schrade Walden USA
    5) Fish Knife Colonial USA
    ALL 5 - $125

  • Price: $95

    5 Cub Scout Pocket Knives
    By Camillus
    All 5 $95

  • Price: $72

    3 Girl Scout Pocket Knives
    2-Utica- USA
    1-SS Boker
    All 3 $72

  • Price: $350

    Wood humidor- end table
    Measures 18-1/2” tall
    By 20-1/2x22-1/2
    Plugs in turns on cooling system by
    Supercool Stabylex Electronics Corporation

  • Price: $75

    Acrylic -Ocean Dolphins
    -Seashells in sand
    $75 each

  • Price: $775

    Pair Chinese carved Marble Fu Dogs. H 32" W 18" L 13"

  • Price: $1,500
    Solid bronze corner hinges old

    H&D Mf’G CO.PAT JAN 16.1877
    Solid bronze hinges (pair)
    (Corner hinges)
    9” high x 7-1/2” to corner bend
    then 4” wide
    17 screw holes each-

  • Price: $1,700

    Antique English Zinc Urn
    24"W x 22"H x 14"D

  • Price: $1,500

    vintage top of stain glass lamp.

  • Price: $1,100

    Bronze hunting dog with a rabbit has nice dark patina. The casting quality and attention to details is above reproach, the surface rich with unusually careful casting

  • Price: $1,100

    Small Bronze figure of a Whippet with a ball,on ovoid base etched with carpet pattern. The casting quality and attention to details is above reproach, the surface rich with unusual careful casting

  • 18th Century Chinese Ceramic Vase

    18th Century Chinese ceramic vase decorated wit a dragon.
    Measures: 20 1/2" high x 17" wide x 12" deep

  • Price: $3,500
    Antique Wood Carved Buddha Head

    Solid, one piece, and rustic antique wood carved Buddha head
    Measures: 31" high x 14" wide x 13" deep

  • Price: $950
    Magnum Size Wine Bottle Chateau Cheval Blanc 1998

    Magnum Size Wine Bottle Chateau Cheval Blanc, 1998, in frame.
    Frame measures is 40" high x 26 1/2" wide x 8 1/2 deep

  • Price: $2,500

    Pair of Decorative Wood Column Storage.
    Dimensions: 88 1/4" high x 19" base diameter.

  • Price: $780
    Vintage Bronze Fountain Verdigris Patina

    Vintage Bronze Fountain Verdigris Patina, depicting a heron bird over tortoise. The water comes out from turtle mouth.
    measures: 27" high x 17" wide x 13" deep.

  • Price: $475
    Fabienne Jouvin Paris Vase

    Fabienne Jouvin Paris Vase decorated with a purple dragonfly, stamped underneath.
    Measures: 32" high, 18" diameter, base diameter 10"

  • Price: $250
    Vintage Herend Hungary Porcelain Candlesticks Queen Victoria Pattern

    Pair of Herend Hungary porcelain candlesticks Queen Victoria pattern, beautifully hand painted with butterflies and flowers.
    Marked underneath.
    Measures: 7" high, base diameter 5 1/2"

  • Price: $375

    Offered to you is this Museum Mounted faux tortoise hair comb beautifully framed intricate filigree work the comb itself measures a monumental ten inches by nine inches it has seven tines would secure the wearer's adornment atop a Spanish dancer head lovely and interesting a classic piece of art

  • Price: $1,500
    Late Ming 17th Century Bronze Buddha

    Late Ming 17th century Chinese Tibetan bronze Buddha.
    Please see photos in detail for actual condition.
    measures: 20" high x 17" wide x 12" deep

  • Price: $950
    Vintage Nymphenburg Ceramic Dog

    Very rare, vintage Nymphenburg Ceramic Dog, Made in Germany, marked underneath and numbered 367 16.
    Excellent condition, no chips or cracks.

  • Price: $775

    Giuseppe Armani ballerina "GISELLE" 0681F. No box, in the classic ballet position with swans at her feet in excellent condition no chips or cracks . Signed at the bottom and dated 1994 with Cape DE Monte Stamp in the back

  • Price: $575

    Beautiful 1994 Giuseppe Armani Ballerina figurine in excellent condition, no box no cracks or chips.
    If you have any questions please contact us

  • Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Chinese Imari Charger Plate

    Early 20th Century Hand-Painted Chinese Imari Charger Plate

  • Price: $950
    Chinese Hand Painted Blue Plate

    Decorative Antique Chinese Hand Painted Blue Plate.
    Measures: 15" Diameter

  • Price: $6,800
    Antique African Congo Mask Kuba Tribe

    This is an authentic antique African mask from the Congo. It is from the Kuba tribe and is made from leather and straw. It is decorated in maurie shells. Really quite a dramatic piece.
    measures: 40" high x 24 wide x 29" deep

  • Price: $1,500
    asian planter

    Large Asian planger decorated with birds and fishes, stamped and marked on the rim -see pictures-
    measures: 36" diameter x 22" high

  • Price: $1,900
    Large Asian Planter

    Very nice Asian planter in a very good condition, decorated with flowers and birds. Marked and stamped on the rim.
    Measures: 21" high x 36 " diameter

  • Price: $1,900
    real sea shell

    Medium size real shell, a perfect piece for a centerpiece or maybe a striking piece for your decoration. We have a bigger piece as well.
    Measures: 11" high x 24 1/2" wide x 15" deep.

  • Price: $1,300

    Pair of antique bronze andirons featuring a woman face in front.
    Measures: 20 1/2" high x 13 1/2 "wide x 22" deep
    Price for the pair is $1,300 USD


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