Large Carlos Paez Vilaro Large Colorful Tapestry

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Very Large Carlos Paez Vilaro Large Colorful Tapestry
Price: $28,000

Carlos Paez Vilaro was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1923. He took up drawing in 1939 and relocated to Buenos Aires, where he worked as a printing apprentice in the industrial Barracas section of the Argentine capital. Carlos Paez Vilaro stems his inspiriation from an endless nourish life of adventures and challenges. He consistently looked for landscapes and culture of the differnet countries that impressed him most during his trips as a source of inspiration that enriched the works which were then transferred to multiple canvases and paper-boards.
This tapestry is in great condition! It measures approximately 14x7 (ft). This is a truly rare find and excellent representation of the artist work.