• bronze elevator doors

    We have 4 antique bronze elevator doors, great design with flowers and leaves as you can see in detail in aditional photos.
    each door measures are 84" height x 24 1/2" wide x 1 1/4" deep
    price for EACH door is 9,500.00 USD

  • Price: $2,500
    19th Century Painted Stained Glass Panel by Emil Frei

    Emil Frei Sr.,born in Bavaria in 1869 was alarmed by the direction that Germany was heading and immigrated to New York where he would be free to practice his art. He later moved to St.Louis and started his own stained glass company, Emil Frei Art Glass, in 1898. A large portion of the studio was built by the Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony of Padua as payment for the windows for their church.

  • Price: $2,500

    This pair of monumental and impressive American Art Deco cobalt blue California Pottery urns came from a Miami Beach home built in 1934. The urns have been in an outdoor setting for over 80 years and do show some wear. They appear to have been originally glazed in cobalt but have been over painted several times. They each weighs 500 lbs. These urns could be refinished and the color could be adjusted at the discretion of the buyer.

  • Price: $37,000
    Emil Frei Religious Stained Glass Vitral  from St Louis Church

    This is a large vitral by Emil Frei, this glass art piece was removed from Saint Louis church in Missouri , and now is available in our store.
    On the bottom of the vitral you can read in German language "gestiftet von der - familie frank stein" in English " Sponsored by the -Family frankstein"
    Please see additional photos for details.

  • Price: $2,500
    Terracotta Faux-Marble Fireplace

    This is an Italian turn of the century antique terracotta fireplace with a faux-marble finish. The fireplace incorporates classical elements of Acanthus leaves and fluted columns that have an overall veneer coat of clay that gives the appearance of older mat finish marble. The fireplace has achieved a aged patina and does show some minor age wear. Fireplace opening, 30" H by 28" W.

    46.5 in.Hx58 in.Wx14 in.D
    118 cmHx147 cmWx36 cmD

  • Price: $199,000
     Theatre Terracotta Facade

    This is the facade from the Old Sheridan Theatre in Chicago. It is 80 feet long and about 15 feet tall. The Sheridan Theatre was built in 1927, by Chicago-based architect J.E.O. Pridmore, who later designed the Nortown (1931), in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.