Emanuel Schary Lithograph Picture SIGNED

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Emanuel Schary Lithograph Picture
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We have several lithographs by Emanuel Schary, they are all in excellent condition. Please check out our store to see many others. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.
Schary is renowned for his ability to capture people in revealingly human and touching moments, make his works prized for their simple beauty, tenderness and charm. A master of human realism and a foremost artist depicting both Jewish and everyday life in America, his work is characterized by a love of humanity and observation, giving his work the unique visual signature, making it "a Schary". He grew up in Israel, an experience that has rewarded him with a rich repository of indelible images and emotions, which he repeatedly draws on and are an intrinsic ingredient in the Schary oeuvre. Scary came to the United States to complete his studies in fine arts, where he developed an immediate love of the color, life, and earthiness of his two favorite New Yorks' - the old and the new.
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