Large Lithograph by Key West Artist David Schofield Titled -Alhambra Interior

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Lithograph by David Schofield
Price: $4,800

This is a monumental lithograph (78 in x 42 in.) by famous artist David Schofield, titled "Alhambra Interior" . signed lower right "Davis Schofield 2017" and number lower left " A. P fisrt editon".
This lithograph include the certificate of authentication (COA)
About the artist: Many of his drawings are very large and all are ambitious, highly detailed, distinctly original and immediately fascinating: they invite close examination for their intense and elaborate intricacy. Each very large drawing can take at least several hundred hours to complete. David uses pen and ink on snowflake parchment with a Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph size 00 point that he files so that it pierces the surface of the parchment which allows the ink to be absorbed. At first the drawings seem to be faithfully-detailed renderings of the scene; a closer look reveals what David calls “secondary elements”: litter, graffiti, discarded furniture, and visual puns, as well as personal references to his family and friends or to his travels or to something he has read.