decorative objects

  • Price: $1,900
    real sea shell

    Medium size real shell, a perfect piece for a centerpiece or maybe a striking piece for your decoration. We have a bigger piece as well.
    Measures: 11" high x 24 1/2" wide x 15" deep.

  • Price: $550
    Miniature Staircase Handcrafted Mahogany

    Solid mahogany model staircase by Bacon Hill accessories, original price 1,335 USD. This piece displays beautifully on its own as a centerpiece for an entry table or on a large desk. This staircase can also be used as a display on its own for small collections on its steps.
    Measures 23" high, the base measures 20" x 16".

  • Price: $950
    Syrian Mosaic Gaming Table

    Very nice early 20th century inlaid Syrian mosaic gaming table. This game table has an enormous amount of inlaid work, table can be folded for storage, please see all photos for details.
    Measures folded: 32" high x 28" wide x 14" deep
    Measures open: 28 1/2" wide x 28 1/2 " deep

  • Kliegl Brothers Vintage ProJection Light

    This projection Light is in working condition, include a spare bulb. the height is adjustable. head measure is 19 1/2 long x 15" height.

  • oversised shell

    Very rare for its dimensions, 32 " wide, oversize real shell, a perfect piece for a centerpiece or maybe a striking piece for your decoration.
    Dimensions: 9" height x 32" wide x 18 1/2" deep.

  • tri-ang jeep pedal car

    This an original Tri-ang military jeep willys pedal car. Original paint. measures are: 20" height x 36" wide x 15" wide.
    Three brothers formed toy company Lines Bros. Ltd. in the UK shortly after World War I. Since three lines make a triangle, they came up with the brand name Tri-ang and created a company logo in the shape of a triangle. In the 1950s they were one of, if not the largest toy company in the world.

  • Tribal Mask from New Guinea

    Decorative tribal mask from new Guinea, measures 26" height x 10 wide.
    Not all Papua New Guinea Tribal Masks were made to be worn by people. Some masks were made to “decorate” sacred flutes, the front of canoes, the HausMan, as lucky amulets and even yams. Other masks were not made to wear directly on the head but were part of a larger assemblage.

  • Price: $7,800
    French Abstract Iron and Mosaic Tile Wall Sculpture Signed Rue , 1920s

    A large and striking, 1920s, French iron wall sculpture with inset mosaic glass tiles. Acquired in Barcelona, the sculpture was created in an early abstract style with the use of textured iron found in French Art Deco lighting and furniture. Signed Rue` in one mosaic panel.
    62 in.Hx81 in.Wx6.75 in.D
    157 cmHx206 cmWx17 cmD

  • Price: $15,000
    Huge Carved Wooden Garuda

    An amazing carved wooden Garuda statue. In India and Southeast Asia the eagle symbolism is represented by Garuda, a large mythical bird with eagle-like features that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology as the vahana (vehicle) of the god Vishnu.

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